Come join the sisterhood. Here you’ll find nothing but encouragement.

Hey there, Sister

It’s so nice to meet you!

*Air hug since I sure don’t want to mess up your gorgeous hair!*

Would you like a cuppa coffee or tea? Of course, I have cold brew, too!

I pray you’re doing well. I know you came here to learn a bit about me, but after that, I want to hear all about YOU

I am a mom of four (Hayden, Preston, Londin, & Brooklyn), play pals with my dog Prince Duke, and wife to my “hunky” pastor hubby (Aaron)! 

My husband is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He’s the kindest man and a loyal friend. To know him is to love him, everyone’s life is so much richer with him in it and the wisdom he has blows me away each day and I also have the honor of calling him my Pastor so I am extra blessed. We have been married for 18 years and it gets better each day. (Yes, we will be talking about marriage a lot!)

My kids are awesome just like their Daddy. I will be sharing about them a lot in the coming months. Prince Duke is my favorite kid, yes it’s true I have a favorite kid and it’s my cute little dog.

So let me clue you in on things that I love and stuff I can do without. Because the idea here is for all of us to be taken as we are – real!

Please kick up your heels (or you may already be barefoot like me), and make yourself at home!

Cross Icon

First of all, I love Jesus and serving in His Kingdom.

My husband, 4 kids (ages 4-16), and my doggie (Prince Duke) are my world. We belong to the greatest church on the planet with the greatest Pastor on the planet – who just happens to be my hunky hubby! Yes, girl, life can be busy and tough with that job, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Castle Icon

I also love all things Disney

I never knew I had another home until I walked down Main Street and beheld that amazing Castle inviting me to enter. I always knew I was a Princess but no idea I had such a beautiful Castle! And who knew that little mouse could capture my heart like he does?

Spanx Icon

Let’s all give thanks for Spanx!

I should totally have stock in this company. I mean double spanxing is THE answer! That is, until you think you need to get a rib X-ray. So stick with just one… please! (This MAY be a true story.)

Pink Dress Icon

I'm always in pink.

In my world, everything is pink and sparkly. Someone told me once that I was delusional, and I almost fell off my fluffy unicorn. Oh, and speaking of colors, I will say that slimming black is a girl’s best friend!

Guitar Icon

George Strait never throws me a curve.

To me, that man is the “King of All Music!” After all these years at the top, how does this dude not age? He flat-out doesn’t change. His songs are just as timeless. 

Clothes Icon

Clothes, clothes, clothes – and more clothes!

I could spend all day thumbing through fashion magazines and scrolling online stores. I especially go for clothes that speak to me – loudly! Just adore items that pop! and stand out. But I’m not thinking Lady Gaga-type fashion but more on the order of Jacqueline Kennedy. (For you young Sistas out there, Google “Jackie Kennedy fashion.”)

Thrift Shopping Icon

Thrifting is my jam.

You will rarely ever see me in something that was not from a local thrift store. I love a good deal! So, if you like my shirt, I’ll have to tell you how much I paid for it (with tags on it for proof) and then how much it is on Nordstrom’s website.

Amazon Icon

I suspect Amazon is stalking me.

For real. They send me the most amazing recommendations that I just “add to cart” and buy each time. What’s up with that? They even grocery shop for me now. I wouldn’t be surprised if some morning I go into my kitchen and find them there having my breakfast ready!

What won’t you find here?

A lot of things. 

For example, I won’t be posting about my $2,500,000 home remodel or build because that’s definitely not me. The reality is, I live in a 25-year-old home that needs lots of love with a husband who despises home repairs just as much as I do!

I’m not a professional photographer. 

So my photos will not be getting comments for their beauty or artistry, but, as you will see, they are all as real as can be. BTW, what does “in-focus” even mean, anyway!? LOL!

I don’t cook like Martha or Betty. 

However, you will find plenty of tasty, easy-to-make recipes here that are friendly to your budget, your family, and your kids.

I’m afraid that when it comes to my own cooking, I am the Queen of Pinterest Fails. How’s that, you ask? They all taste marvelous even if they don’t always look so terrific. Just eat with your eyes closed and pretend you’re at Joanna’s bakery in Magnolia. Hey, I just saved you a lot of money right there!

Note that I’m not a musician, either. 

Sorry, wrong page. You must be looking for my husband who does know how to carry a tune. That said, I did play Snow White in elementary school. (Which makes me wonder: where have those royalty checks been going to? I haven’t received a single one. Gotta look into that!)

I am not a scholar. 

So don’t expect lots of deep discussions here. I prefer simple and to-the-point, but I will pray for you fervently and fearlessly. In fact, this forum is very much open to discussing religion and faith. Can’t say too much about all that!

Not real fond of aging

I am not old by any means. No way. I will just say that I am too old for Snapchat and too young for Life Alert. I’m somewhere in between.

So what will you find in this space?

Here you will find nothing but encouragement… real-life, uplifting stories… rooting for moms… inspiration for women… lots and lots of personal flaws… plus a big helping of pure, sweet fun!

In shorty, realness is found here. So I hope you decide to stick around!

In case you didn’t notice, I love to talk!

In fact, speaking before groups is one of my great passions. If you happen to know of any speaking engagements that need a speaker, please pass the word!

enough about me, sweet sister…

Now, let’s top our drinks off and grab something sweet so I can hear all about YOU!

I’m very serious: just email me and tell me your story. There’s nothing like a couple of ladies gettin’ down and gettin’ real, and I’d love for that to include you and me. So send me an email and let’s show ‘em all how it’s done!

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