Come join the sisterhood. Here you’ll find nothing but encouragement.

I need to share the goodness of God with you today.

The Spirit has been thick today.
If you know, you know.
Hours later, the tears picked up, so off to get dressed I went.
Of course, when I say “get dressed,” I mean pulling clothes out of the dirty laundry because I haven’t had a chance to wash my clothes.
Moms, you know this too well.
Their clothes get washed, and if there’s room in there, then yours will.
So I am writing this in a sweatshirt that says “Sunday Kinda Girl,”
and it’s Saturday.
No judging.
I have on Christmas pajama bottoms from last year that are a bit snug.
Thanks, thyroid medicine.
And to top it all off, I am still wearing yesterday’s makeup from going to bed a little too late.
The teens hung out at our house until late last night and of course,
I had to give advice.
If you are perfect and don’t get any of the above,
I am sorry and hope you stick around.
I promise you’ll like it here.
I woke up with my eyes leaking.
I knew what this meant.
The Lord is saying,
“There is something I need to tell you.”
“There is something I need to show you.”
Do you know that feeling?
Doesn’t it feel so good?
You feel so lost in His presence, but this time you like being “lost.”
Not a “lost” like you are in Oklahoma, supposed to be in Arkansas,
and end up in Missouri lost.
That’s a story for another day.
The tears haven’t stopped flowing.
Praying in the Spirit.
Come Holy Spirit.
All of the noise is blocked out.
The Lord is giving visions.
You can SEE them.
You are broken, but it’s a “good broken.”
No, nothing is weighing on me.
I’m not heavy today.
I’ve gone to the burden bearer, so I’m light.
He carries that load so much better than I do.
Yes, He’s the most outstanding counselor ever.
He doesn’t even charge an hourly rate.
Thank goodness because I would be broke. Ha!
Just in case you haven’t heard, HE paid my bill.
He has paid yours in FULL too.
We are undeserving.
Aren’t you grateful?
The Lord is working.
The Lord is moving.
I am thankful for what the Lord is doing.
I am thankful for how HE is moving.
I am grateful.
He is worthy.

See Sister,
You shouldn’t just enter into His presence on Sundays.
You have to crave His presence.
Yes, crave.
I crave Hershey Almond bars almost every day.
Crave Him more than that candy bar, Sis.
Your Sunday should carry into your Monday-Saturday’s.
A presence of worship should fill your home, office, car, or
We have to get to the point where we can’t step a step without Him.
We can’t roll out of bed without Him.
We can’t go into our day until we have first talked to HIM.
I have to take daily medicine to function since I am missing my thyroid.
It’s the first thing I do as soon as my eyes open.
I have my pill and water on my nightstand.
I know if I miss that dose, I will get sick.
I can’t live without it.
What if we approached His presence just like this?
What if, as soon as our eyes open, we go straight to Him and His word?
What if we lived like we can’t live without HIM?
Sis, don’t put on a front.
Stop saying the proper lingo.
Don’t just post your love for Him.
Be “hungry” for Him deep down.
You know those hunger pains when you have missed a meal.
Let that be your prayer.
“Lord, give me that kind of hunger pain for more of you!”
I can’t eat breakfast or drink coffee for 1 hour after my medicine.
What if we approached the worldly noise the same way?
What if we didn’t check email, social media, texts, or the news until 1 hour after spending time with Him?
Something I have learned since taking this medicine is that my taste for coffee has changed.
Some days I don’t even want it, and I don’t crave it as I did.
I think you my, Sister, will see the same changes happen in your life when you start.
Start your day in His presence first.
Things and relationships that once filled you will not serve you any longer.
Your life will drastically change.
It’s a good change, Sis.

He’s waiting.
His arms are open wide.
He doesn’t care what you’ve done.
You don’t have to have it all together to go to Him.
Because when you go to Him, you don’t leave as you came.
He’s the chain breaker.
He’s a giant slayer.
He’s a miracle worker.
He’s the soft, sweet, still voice that whispers, “It’s going to be Ok!”
He’s waiting.
He’s waiting on you, Sweet Sis.
There is beauty in fully surrendering to Him.
It’s more beautiful than any handbag you will ever carry.
Yes, even Hermes.

Give him your life.
Give him your marriage.
Give him your kids.
Give him your ministry.
Give him your job.
Give him your hopes.
Give him your friendships.
Give him your finances.
Give him your dreams.
Give it all.

Let’s go a little deeper.
Give him your tongue.
Sis, this can and will hold you back.
Give him your words.
Give him your anxiety.
Give him your depression.
Give him your mind.
Give him your thoughts.
Give him your fears.
Give him your pride.
Give him control.
Give him the toxic relationships.
Give him the bitterness.
Give him the offenses.
Give him your conversations.
Give him your addictions.
Give him every chain in your life.
What else can you give Him?
Sweet Sis, go to Him in prayer and ask Him to show you?
But, don’t be scared when He shows you.
Also, don’t ask and not do what He says.
You will find a great reward in your obedience.

Go ahead and give it to Him.
He’s waiting to take it all.
Take that first step.
You got this.
It’s time.
Go into His presence.
Invite Him back into your life.
Invite Him back into your home.
You got this because He’s got you!

Holy Spirit,
Speak to my dear Sister right now.
I pray for total surrender.
Let her surrender every area of her life to you.
I pray for a new move in her life.
I pray for a fresh anointing.
Renew her mind.
Guard her heart.
Saturate her in your peace.
Come Holy Spirit.
Move Holy Spirit.
Speak to my dear Sister.