Come join the sisterhood. Here you’ll find nothing but encouragement.

Hey Sis, can I speak from my heart right now?

“Offense” has been a word on my heart lately. 

The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of 2020 that I needed to REST more and consume less. 

“Consume Less” are the words God had given me from that day forward. This covers several areas. I am a major stress eater and have been having migraines for weeks straight so my goal is to eat healthier and work out. I also know that he was speaking to me to CONSUME LESS conversations! I don’t mean “gossip”–I mean watching the conversations, social media posts, phone calls, rumors (we Pastor a church), etc. that are brought to us daily.

Sis, we need to guard our hearts and learn to LEAVE it in prayer. 

Not every battle is your battle to fight.

Not every conversation should consume us. 

Not every phone call should take our day over.

People disagreeing with you shouldn’t cause you to lose sleep.

Politics should not consume you—this is a big one right now.

What happens when something consumes us?? 

It takes our lives over—then when can’t focus on what matters….Distractions delay vision! 

Sis, distractions are not worth it! 

They are 100% from the enemy.

I knew a guy who had an anointing on his life to preach and he was awesome in his early years of ministry, but he started letting church battles, wrong friendships, taking advice from ex-Staff members who had left his church on bad terms, congregation rumors and disagreeing with changes the Pastor was making, take over his life. I mean completely take over his life—he ate and breathed negativity that wasn’t his to listen to, and battles that were not his to fight, consume his WHOLE life. We watched an upbeat fun-loving guy go to a miserable negative guy who left his church hurting a lot of people including his closest friends. 

Don’t be this person, Sis!

I have a jean jacket that says “Peace is Power”…This is so true! 

Exodus 14:14 says the Lord will fight for us, so guess what you need to do– Hold your peace! 

How can you hold your peace? Consume less. 

There are relationships that I have had to consume less of just this year. 

I know every Sister has at least one relationship they need to distance from. 

There are social media pages that I have had to unfollow because they would try to steal my peace. 

Sis just hit the “unfollow” button, it’s not worth your peace. 

My peace is my weapon. 

Sister, your peace is your weapon.

My peace is my power. 

Sister, your peace is your power.

Sis, learn to simply walk away because the cost is too high not too!

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Exodus 14:14

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7