Come join the sisterhood. Here you’ll find nothing but encouragement.

I know you are hurting, but it’s still not ok.
It’s still not ok to try and repay evil with evil.
So much is going to tempt you in this life but
To have your heart clean and free of offense is how you will fight this.
What they did is not ok.
There’s no justifying it.
Just remember that no one can take your character, integrity,
or fruits from you.
Sometimes you just have to walk away without anyone knowing your side.
Is it hard? Yes, Sister, it sure is.
Is it right? Yes, Sister, you have made the Lord smile.
The day you stand before the Lord will be with clean hands.
You will know that you can sleep at night and sleep well because you have not caused a brother or sister in Christ to stumble.
You said no to Pride.

Let go of what they did.
Let go of what they said.
Let go of who they deceived.
Let go of the hurt.
Let go of those they hurt.
Let go of man’s opinion.
Let go of the posts.
Let go of repeating the story.
Let go of the words in that text.
Let go of that phone call.
Let go of how they tried to frame you into something.
Let go of who was so quick to believe.
Let go of who believes this and that.
Let go of who listened to such evil.
Let go of unforgiveness.
Let go of bitterness.
Let go of pride.
Let go of not being able to speak.
Let go of vengeance.
Let go of the flesh.
Let go…
Simply let go…..

I know there are so many emotions, but the right thing to do is to let go.
Let God fight this battle.
Don’t you trust Him to?
Has He ever let you down?
No, Sister, the Lord is always faithful.
Sis, weapons will form, but they will never prosper.
I have seen it my whole life.
Every evil act is always brought to light.
I believe in our offense; all we can see is the hurt.
We are looking at it through pain instead of through grace.
I know sometimes it’s easier to run to the phone instead of the throne.
Run to Him.
His arms are open wide.
He will give you the best hug.
He will show you the truth.
He will show you the way.

I need you to listen.
I need you to know.
We are not God.
You are not God.
Vengeance is not yours.
Vengeance is His.
You never know what someone is genuinely facing internally;
some of our Sisters are struggling with mental health.
If we want to be honest- suicidal thoughts, depression, pills, body harm, and so much more.
Inside her designer purse could be everything she hides to keep her calm and to be able to function.
Under her beautiful wide brim hat could be a mind that the enemy has captive and has her questioning whether or not she can live another day.
Inside her gorgeous figure could be a heart that is broken and thinks it is beyond repair.
She could be disguised with a beautiful face of makeup because her cheeks were mascara stained just hours earlier from struggling with her worth.
Sister, don’t use condemnation to make yourself look more prominent and mightier than anyone else.
It’s never worth your sister or anyone falling.
Your sister that you could be harboring against could be on her last straw.
She could be about to fall.
You don’t know so don’t go there.

Have you forgotten how the Lord forgave you?
Have you forgotten how the Lord loves you even though you fail him every day?

What if the Lord wasn’t so quick to forgive you?
What if the Lord posted about your faults all day?
What if the Lord woke you up every day, holding mistakes over you?
Doesn’t the Lord come beside us and say, “I have forgiven you. I forget this. I don’t love you any less. Now let’s grow and walk together.”
Pretty sure He does!
Let’s not forget how He continues to pick us up every day.
Don’t focus on when, how, or if the truth will come out; just keep being who God created you to be.
That is the best defense against the enemy’s strategy.
Restoration is always more important than someone’s side.
We have lost that in this world.
We would rather repeat than repair.
We have turned into doing whatever we can to make sure someone’s sin is broadcasted for all the world to see and all with a smile on our faces.

You are worthy, Sister.
So are the people who hurt you.
Don’t condemn yourself, and don’t condemn them.
Move on.
Reconciliation is beautiful, and the Lord always wants to restore.
Let go, Sis.
It is ok.
Know that when you are called to a higher purpose, your job is to protect souls and point them toward our forgiving and loving Father.
Is it hard some days?
Yes, I know it is but remember the Lord has entrusted you with this.

That same grace and mercy that you ask for every day is the same grace and mercy that you need to give out in abundance.
Oh Sis, we are so unworthy of His forgiveness and all He has done for us!
Isn’t He just beautiful?!The choice is yours, treat them like Jesus would or treat them like the world does?  
Now, go put your big girl panties on, some praise and worship, and just stay in His presence.
Oh Lord, we need you now!
Praise Him, Sister!
He will bring you through this.

To the Sister who is reading this:
What do you need to let go of?
Who do you need to forgive?

Do you need Christ in your life?
Please message me above, and I would love to pray with you to receive salvation.
It’s a gift.
Completely free.
Just take it.